Bill O'Reilly - in your face "journalist" from way back. A pioneer of the "in your face gotchya" technique in many ways. Hooray for evil! Also, big props to the Newswatch16 logo. Especially the future as heck 16.

But not all reporters/anchorman are evil.
Or are they?

I was never a Will Ferrel fan but this one time I was on the red eye to London and Anchorman came on the in seat TV and even though most everyone was sleeping around me I could not help but laugh out loud. LOL. To some annoyance. I've subsequently seen it many times and love it more so  - funnier still to consider it as a superhero movie, where each channel is a super hero (or villain) team. Consider the anchorman fight as culmination of this theory. Hooray for analogies!


l.e.s.ter said...

Yeah, Bill, they really went to some trouble to thank the Action 16 team -- taking the cardboard from the bottom of a flat of beans. Big pimpin'!

Redshirt said...

LOL. Mad props.