Such a wonderful couple of days. Not only for my sincere belief that this election has given America a great chance to recover from the past 40 years of Republican madness, but! Also too, swimming in Wingnut tears.
They were truly SHOCKED that Obama won. How could that even be possible?! Fox News assured us it was a Rmoney landslide!
Delusional! Well, maybe not this guy - he might just be in it for the 15K. But the true believers. They've been swimming in propaganda and lies for so long they no longer even know what the truth is, what facts are, what reality is. And not just the followers, but all the way to the top. Karl Rove is no evil genius - he's a grifting conman who got lucky a few times and has been rolling in cash ever since. This is the defining feature of today's "Conservatism" - a complete loss of reality, which creates an atmosphere ripe for grifters. Let us give a hearty thanks for it - because they've pissed away their true chance at their dream: The utter control of America. And they nearly had it. Circa 2003, everything was going their way, and all they really had to do to keep it going is the bare minimum. But they couldn't cuz they're incredibly incompetent. And one loss led to a purity purge, which led to another loss, and more purges, and more purges, and now the Republican Party is only home to racists, bigots, power mad rich people, and other certifiable loonies. Thank FSM it is so, since they've doomed themselves with their own lies. Lies which served them well for a time, but no longer.

Speaking of served:
Hell yeah! We all get a slice - even you, crazy Wingnut. No matter how much you're shocked, no matter how much you hate Obama and everything Fox tells you to hate, worry not - he's looking out for you too.

Thank you, President Obama, and all the thousands and thousands of folks who helped your re-election effort. Best campaign in presidential history.

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