Capitalism, Comrade

America being America, of course, we stopped paying attention to Russia once the Cold War ended. Let me summarize what's happened since: Near chaos. Oligarchs seized control of the country, and robbed the country blind. Average life expectancy for men has plummeted into the mid-50's. Alcoholism is widespread. Gang and terrorism based violence is endemic and brutal. Putin runs a charade of democracy. And yet! Glimmers of hope appear. There's a vibrant music scene. There are many internet geniuses. And they get more Westernized by the year.

Here we see a Moscow club with a minimum breast size limit for female guests. Too small, and you don't get in.

Bigtime lawsuit in America. Free wheeling capitalism in Russia. Here's a prediction for 2013! Wingnuts will start hailing Russian freedoms as example of what's wrong with America.

They love Oligarchy, after all.


l.e.s.ter said...

You'd think the calibrator guy would show a little more enthusiasm. I guess eventually with any job you end up just punching the clock.

Redshirt said...

I get the sense he's not fond of the camera. Being a Russian bouncer, I suspect the camera owner found out about this shortly after the photo.