Lords of Lies

Bill O'Reilly and Ann Coulter living the high life in very liberal NYC. O'Reilly remains about as popular as he ever has, whereas Coulter's career has dipped over the past 4 years. Though she's still out there, spewing poison. As all Right Wingers must - they deal in lies. It's the entirety of Right Wing existence at this point - lies for us, lies for themselves.
What a pic! Not sure the context, but these folks all represent various forms of the Right Wing Id. From left to right: Andrew Brietbart, foaming mad propagandist. Also dead. Jonathan Krohn, Wingnut boy wonder who in 2009 was lauded as the second coming of Reagan. Now an Obama supporter. Oh hi, James O'Keefe. Almost didn't recognize you behind that awesome disguise. Slayer of Acorn, O'Keefe's "brand" of journalism led him to plead guilty to trespassing in a Democratic Senator's office and is currently on probation. How he avoided jail is beyond me. And last and least, "Bush's Brain", "Turdblossom", "Maker of Realities" Karl Rove. Once feared and feted, it should be clear after his election night performance, he's now an utter joke. Won't stop him from continuing to lie and grift billionaires out of their money.
Oh Tucker. You still haven't recovered from the lashing given to you by John Stewart so many years ago. Tossed from your lofty perch at the "balanced" CNN, you ditched the bow tie and sank lower and lower, looking for anyone to pay attention to you. Sad. Now a recurring guest of the odious Sean Hannity, and still laughed at.

I could throw in a pic of the Big Daddy of this sleazy tribe, Rush, but I'll spare you, my dear readers, the suffering. Suffice it to say even Rush is not doing so well these days. Take all these trends together, and grow heartened. These liars, these radicals, these hatemongers and con artists and demagogues are losing power, losing influence, losing appeal. America appears to be waking up from the 30 years long Republican nightmare, and we can thank Barack Obama for this great blessing. Thanks Bo!


l.e.s.ter said...

What, no no-love for Glen Beck?

Redshirt said...

Beck is more proof of the Wingnuts declining influence. He's been relegated to podcasts and AM radio.

I have some good photos of him though. Maybe soon.

Did you hear about his "Obama Christ" "Artwork"?

Redshirt said...

You convinced me.