Beck Piss Anti-Christ

As we all suspected, Soros is the source of all that is Fallen in this sad world. Preach it, Brother Beck! But alas, you too are suffering mightily under the evil of the Anti-Christ among us, and have been banished from Fox, long gone from CNN (Yeah, Beck used to be on CNN Headline News. Go imagine that time. Remember, and shudder.), now to wander the lonely roads of podcasts and secret cable channels. Woe! America read your chalkboard, and sent you packing.
In the depths of your desolation, look how your chalkboard has grown! So complicated and interconnected! It makes dumb people feel smart - seriously. Like they're in college. Not joking.

But what's that?! A mason jar of Glenn Beck's piss? Is he selling it? Is it a purification method to rid the body of fluoride?
Nah, man. It's art. Beck's Piss Anti-Christ. That's Barack Obama in there, you see. It's a three-fer in terms of symbology.

Buy gold, ammo, and bread machines also too.

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