(I Think I Was In) Heaven

It's a Pope Party Y'all! 

But seriously, one of my favorite sub-sub-sub-sub topics of interest is the general category of "Purported Holy Man Acts Hypocritically". Example: Ted Haggard. There are many, many others.

Not to say John Paul here did anything bad - other than the systematic cover up of institutionalized pedophilia and rape! - but, you know: Funny photo.

Oh and also too: Sorry for the long absence. I was in New Gondolin - I need to get me some Sully Minions or something, or some kind of bot, to keep up in my absences. For I know the Interwebs hunger for more stupid pictures and related stupid comments. Don't we all?


l.e.s.ter said...

Wait, are you trying to compare Paris Hilton to a duck?

Redshirt said...

Yes, the implication is certainly there. And/or the dead pope is a horse.

vera lynn said...

ha! to all of the above