Luna Rules

One big ass picture of our Moon, or as you might call her by her future name, Luna. Click for big, and if you really want to see a HUGE version of this picture, go here and zoom away.

There's a lot of new information about our Universe these days, that might counter what you thought was established information. For instance, space is not a vacuum! Also, the Moon is rich in water, and in fact would be a fine next step for humanity, in theory. Check out this topo map, which shows likely sources of water (underground - blues and purples):
 The first picture above, and the link, are a result of a recent effort of patching together thousands of high def photos into one image, images taken from another of man's spacecraft, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. Here's some detail shots from the same series:
 Check it out - sunset on Luna.
 There's a bridge down there!
 A rather big pit - an ideal location for a base.

Living on Luna is not going to happen in the near term - 50 years? 100? But eventually, as long as we don't wipe ourselves out, we'll make it, no doubt in order to strip mine it - that's why we're here, after all: To consume (and reformulate).

It's a big galaxy though, and there's plenty of stuff we can use up and throw away before we have any problems. Go up, young men!

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vera lynn said...

we are a virus sometimes I think. We consume and destroy. I think we've gotten very good at it.

love, love, LOVE Luna!