We Are Defined by What We Throw Away

Since I first entertained apocalyptic notions (thank you Terminator!), I've long held this "dual thought" - I define "Dual Thought" as entertaining two distinct notions about the same thing, and each is in balance with the other. For an example, ever visit an area, get an impression of it, then actually move there some time after? Guaranteed you will have two (at least) distinct impressions of the place, each in harmony with the other because they are filed by time, but the actual impressions might be completely contradictory.

Time. And so, since it dawned on me that all of this could end, like, right this minute, I've held two (at least) distinctive time perspectives on everything: The Now, and the Then. The Then is the End, and it's filled with killer robots and smoking craters and any and all sorts of Mayan doomsayings come to life; the Now is the Now. Yeah?

And so, looking at the picture above - gosh! Don't the 70's look pretty? And when we're being hunted down by Kilbots in the End Times to come, won't the trash we so casually throw away now turn miraculous, then? That we could simply throw out a can, rather than re-use it, will seem like the height of foolish luxury. What Golden Imperial times we lived in, we'll say, in between picking lice out of a friend's hair for supper.

Appreciate it while you can!

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