Glory Days

Here's a picture of Neil Armstrong, after just landing on the Moon. Can you imagine? You've just entered humanity's history books, forever, as part of one of the greatest achievements of mankind.

Alas! I fear we as a species have lost the stomach for this kind of exploration. The Bureaucrats are in charge now, along with the money men. Thesis: Given all the same technological conditions of 1963, but with today's political environment, I would hazard a 0% chance of repeating this historic act. For, indeed, it was incredibly risky, and could have easily failed. Fun fact to know and share - when the moon missions were flying regularly, there was a massive solar storm that hit the moon and would have killed anyone there, but luckily, Apollo was in between missions.

But again, that poison well....

So, let's focus on the cool: Descent of the Eagle:
Right in the middle is the capsule heading for a touch-down.
And touch-down - look closely in the middle and you'll see Apollo 11. Click for big.
And finally, a thing of beauty, as always, perspective on a grand scale - Earthrise:


Atlas Cerise said...

That's a photo of Neil Armstrong, not Buzz Aldrin.

Redshirt said...

Are you sure? Did the internet lie to me by naming this "Buzz Happy"?

Redshirt said...

I got the fact checking monkeys on it. You were right. Updated! Thanks.