Hawking in Spaaaaaaaaace

Er, well, not quite. Zero G though! This is NASA's "Vomit Comet", a modified plane that goes wicked high, then executes a series of dips, within which, for a few minutes, the passengers experience Zero G (good Gangsta name!) and practice whatever they are supposed to be practicing.

Also, as a sign of how wonderful mankind can be, I give you Lego Hawking:
Pretty good, right? And as a sign of how even more wonderful people can be, I give you:
 Hawking in Spaaaaace!

And finally, as a sign of how terrible people can be, I give you some prototype new airplane seats one global carrier is testing whether to deploy or not. For realz!
In the future, who'll need leg room, amirite?

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vera lynn said...

love the Lego's and hate the new seats...they aren't even trying to delude us into comfort anymore. *sigh*