Because we can (must)

Not my drawing, and no idea who's - if it's yours, please step up and claim it, for it is magnificent.  If I could draw - and it certainly is a talent I lack - I'd draw all sorts of wonderful monstrosities - and why not? For, I could, and if you can, I posit, you must. Why else do you have the ability?

To sing, to write, to fight, to draw, some are blessed/curse with a need to express, and the best, I find, are those mated with a warped mind. Only from the outside do we all advance. And thus, the beauty of a horse making out with a duck. 

Symbolically, of course. This edge, this "warpedness", is what allows us hoo-mons to be so fantastically inventive. And invention is what separates us from all other life on Earth, and possibly for some distance in the stellar neighborhood.


Atlas Cerise said...

I'm staring at this picture

And I wonder "What the fuck?"

Should I call it "Kiss my ass"

Or maybe "Suck my duck?"

Joey Polanski said...


Joey Polanski said...

Maybe a whinny, maybe a quack,

Maybe a horse & duck cough --

The noises combined would sound something like 'WHACK'--

So here they both are, whacking off.