A Confederacy of Morans

It's real. I know it doesn't look real, but it is. If you dare, let the horror soak in - these were the men running/ruining our Empire. Morans. Ideologues. Partisan Wingnuts. But it's always the same, yeah? The History of the World, in a nutshell: Due to favorable circumstances/good luck, some smart individuals make a series of decisions that allow their endeavours to succeed. This success breeds more success, and with this success comes power. Power breeds more power until a critical point is reached and the Enterprise expands greatly, and flourishes. But power draws in the greedy and degenerate, and soon they worm their way into the Enterprise, rotting it from the inside. This process continues as Power always becomes its own end, and the initial reasons for the Enterprise are forgotten. Add in some unfavorable circumstances/bad luck, and these Inheritors of the Empire can no longer make wise decisions, and thus the center falls apart, and the Enterprise starts to collapse. Maybe it can recover, maybe pieces of it mutate into other things, but that's it. The end. All of our human works seem to follow this pattern.

But still - to see our degeneracy so clearly as this memo. Breathtaking, in its rather shocking stupidity.

But that's what the American Empire has been driven into - a culture that now seems to emphasize ignorance and superstition over facts, partisan patriotism over civic duty, greed over the common welfare, yadda yadda, Aptly summed, here:
 America: Fuck Yeah!


l.e.s.ter said...

Wow. That's real? Incredible. Explains why everything turned out the way it did, I guess. Amazing when you consider how Cheney and Rumsfeld fared during their time away from government that anyone considered giving them any responsibility at all.

Redshirt said...

Sadly, it's real. Imagine what memo's we'll never see, or what discussions we'll never know of! It must be worse than even this memo.

Point of fact - Cheney made millions as CEO of Haliburton. He's quite successful by that standard. I don't know anything about Rummy.

l.e.s.ter said...

"The burgeoning asbestos problem has caused critics to question the hallmark of Cheney's five years at the helm of Halliburton: the $7.7 billion acquisition of rival Dresser Industries Inc. in 1998. The deal doubled Halliburton's size overnight and allowed it to claim it was the world's leading oilfield-services company. But most of Halliburton's current asbestos claims were inherited from Dresser."

Rumsfeld's record at Searle is eye opening. Lomotil and Aspartame in particular.

Redshirt said...

Good points, but I wonder how much money Cheney made. Tons? And isn't that all that matters - as long as you make it out? It's neocon civic virtue.