Miss me yet?

Hells to the no. But it's funny some in the media are trying to push this theme. Good luck! In honor of their diligent propaganda efforts, let's take a stroll through a series of posts I like to call "That's Our Bush!":
Here's our Bush pretending to read a top secret security document entitled "Bin Laden determined to strike US". Pshaw! It came from a Clinton appointee, so it has to be rubbish. Anyways, on vacation.
 His finest hour - and perhaps America's darkest. When the morans got everything they ever dreamed of. "My Pet Goat". Bin Laden struck the US - who could have known?! At least Our Bush kept us safe, right? For real - recent spin from the Rethugs is to pretend 9/11 happened sometime other than during Bush's presidency. No doubt there's a Demoncrat to blame.
War's over! Whoo-hoo! Let me take a tangent at this moment, and reveal another Repuglican technique: They make their own reality. The banner says "Mission Accomplished", doesn't it? War's over. This is a powerful tool the Rethugs have used to shape all aspects of American society since St. Ronnie showed them the way - just make up whatever it is you want to be the truth, repeat it incessantly, and viscously attack anyone who would disagree. It will often work, and if it doesn't, try again with something else - not like anyone in the media will call you on it (IOKIYAAR). For example, the crack McCain team released this photo before the first Obama-McCain debate was over:
You see, it didn't matter what he actually did in the debate - they were going to push the "We won" theme regardless. And they certainly tried - the 27%er's will believe it, and accompanied by a pliant media, perhaps they could get another 23% to as well. And that's all it takes. You will see this technique used ALL THE TIME. Watch for it. Moving on...
Yeah. But even:
Pop psychologist diagnosis, 25cents worth: These27%ers want a strong Daddy, they want to be told what to think, what to feel (as long as it gibes with their foundational understanding of Jesus and the American Myth). These types of people - and every country in history has had them - form the foundation of any fascist state, because they like it.
But of course, they like it only when it's "their" guy, i.e. a Repuglican. Wanna bet the same Tea Party types that paid for this billboard also paid for this billboard?
Keep in mind this billboard went up a few weeks after Obama took office. I wonder what impeachable offense he'd committed by then, oh wait! It doesn't matter. He's a DEMONCRAT, who's also - GASP! - black. But let's end with some laughter, cuz Bush was good for that:
"Grownups back in the White House"
With such grace and class. And we end with this sweet, sweet moment I still savor:
Bye Bye Bush!


l.e.s.ter said...

Scary. Depressing. On the bright side, it seems like a long time ago. I wonder how the Oughts will look on film, when they start making period pieces about it. Probably very little like we remember it. Or do '80s period flicks bring back the time to you? Also, dude on the flight deck behind Bush deserves to be an internet meme of his own...

Redshirt said...

I'm trying to think of a new 80's period piece - do you have any example? I know there was something about a hot tub time machine movie last year, but that's all I can think of.

I assume any 2000's period piece would be cynical - in fact, now that I think about it, there are already happening - there's been a few movies on the Iraq war that would technically be period pieces.

l.e.s.ter said...

A little research reveals:

I have only seen 3 of these films, but this would make a good rainy weekend project with a bottle of Jim Beam. And unlike in the '80s, I don't have to go to Erol's and interact with a video clerk -- I can probably find half of this shit without having to get my ass out of the computer seat. Donnie Darko seemed to have some of the '80s right, but then it was set in Virginia and the Redskins were good, so maybe I was swayed by that.

I saw Glitter! It didn't cause me to rethink Reagan's legacy one bit.

Redshirt said...

Impressive, though that first link has some dubious choices/grammar.

Myself, I've been sticking with actual 80's movies lately. Can't get enough of them. Specifically, Arnold. He's so bad it's so good.

Rambo 3 has added meaning these days.