If'n it pisses off them liberals

Apparently, Arizona did not have a state sales tax under the Glorious Leader W. Oh wait,  the Fed's have nothing to do with sales taxes! Oh, you Wingnuts!

Have you heard about this? Read about this (a new favorite catchphrase)? Shocking news when a morbidly obese person dies of a heart attack:
 Shocking AND ironic, since he was working as a spokesperson for the wonderfully named "Heart Attack Grill" in lovely Chandler, AZ. As you can see, folks over 350 pounds eat free! Which is an interesting marketing technique.

And, as you can also see, the establishment goes all out in pushing the medical theme - but you see, it's all twisted up, in comedic style - look, the waitresses are nurses:
I do get it - there's plenty of themed restaurants out there, and this is something of a Hooter's derivative, no doubt. I'd even stop by if I was in Chandler, and I'm a ultra-hippie Vegetarian libtard! But pushing the medical theme so strongly (and the Obama's cut joke) makes me think of one of the 2 things you need to know to really understand a Wingnut.
1. If it pisses off a liberal, they're for it. Whatever it is. Might even change viewpoints in order to stay opposed to the liberals. You see, in this case, the "LIBTARDS" are for heath and diet and a health care system that covers everyone, and focuses on simple and cheap steps like preventive care - like diet and exercise! Stupid ass liberals, amirite?
And for your edification, 
2. Projection - if they're accusing someone of something, rest assured they're doing it themselves, or supporting it.

Now, armed with this wisdom, filter any and all crazy thing a Wingnut says through it, and suddenly you'll find reason where before there was inconsistent insanity.

There's some other handy guides, but these two will serve you well enough.


l.e.s.ter said...

Right there with you with this, but don't see the projection at the Heart Attack Grill. Seems like these guys have an issue with the nanny state.

Redshirt said...

I agree, there's no projection in this case. I mentioned it only to provide an additional tool of analysis for other behaviors - you'll note the phrase "for your edification".

But, I'm confident in declaring that almost any wingnut action can be described by one of these two categories, or some mixture of both.

l.e.s.ter said...

Come on, that's like saying Rush Limbaugh's assertion that opiate users should be lined up against a wall and shot was only a projection of his own deep addiction to painkillers. Please!

Redshirt said...

Indeed. Rush is a fountain of projection. If you have the stomach, you could research his many, many references to X sticking Y up his ass, or shoving X down Y's throat. It's one of his goto metaphors, and reveals much.