Please make a note of it

I'm impressed they would be so bold with their prediction. I'll try and remember to post an update on May 22nd.

If you are a believer, I suspect this gives you another month of so of sinnin', then you better get to the atonin'.


l.e.s.ter said...

Bookmarking that site! I wonder if they paid for the url after May 21, or if they'll just let it lapse. Looks like there's some wriggle room there -- according to We Can Know, God won't get around to destroying the world until October 21, 2011. Seven days to create, five months to destroy. The website has a bunch of Bible quotations, but nothing to indicate where they got 2011. Still, no reason to think that it isn't accurate...

Redshirt said...

Gettin' closer! I've makin' a list of all the confessions I've got to make circa May 19th.