We Are Defined by What We Kill

Hey Beauford! What say me and Jimmy Bob pose on this here giant hill of buffalo skulls and you snap one of them new fangled flash pictures?

Have you heard about this? Read about this? The wanton killing of buffalo in the American west in the late 1800's? Vacation train rides you could take where you'd just be poppin' off out the window, cold killin' buffalo for kicks. Fun for the whole family! And for why? No good reason really, just cause the buffalo were there, so easy for the killin' - they were practically asking for it.

Now, compare that mindset, just some 100 years old, with a comparable attitude today - for example, there are many re-population efforts of buffalo going on across the west. 

Progress! Right? It seems undeniable, and this is but one example. For it's true: You are defined by what you kill, and each and everyone of us MUST kill in order to live - this is in fact a definition of life, in my opinion: To kill. For fuel, of course, but killing is killing. Everything alive kills, and so the question is: Do you have a choice in this?

Yes, we humans clearly do. And so we have all kinds of weird diets, as expressions of our humanity. It's quite wonderful, I think, and presages even greater progress in the future.

And this is but one area of progress. We are becoming environmentally aware; equality is a real fact, and a growing reality across the world; racism and bigotry are battled across the globe. I could go on, but I hope you see, despite the seeming insanity of American politics and how that shapes the entire Earth, we are all - collectively! - making great progress in advancing a progressive attitude for all humanity. Respecting each other and the world we inhabit, this is our collective future. Not the distrust and rapaciousness of the past.

There will be setbacks, and those that refuse to go along. Some of these people/groups are quite powerful and will do everything they can to thwart our common success, but they are few, and ever dwindling, and if we can avoid a destruction event, the forces of progress will simply overwhelm such conservative roadblocks.

The future is ours! So remain strong in the face of the Insanity and Lies launched by the rear guard Morans of the American Right. Their time is over, and we are but witnessing the death throes.

And yes, we can define ourselves by killing regressive attitudes, like slavery, cannibalism, ritual mutilations, etc. 

What's heartening is this energy of progress is relatively new, born from the hippies, I would think. And never forget one of the first effective symbols of this new awareness:
 Please don't litter. Seriously. You'll make this dude cry. You don't want to do that, do you?


vera lynn said...

damn just seeing the picture breaks my heart and I am 8 all over again. I will not call this post's just too sad. we haven't learned anything except how to kill each other and every other living things we inhabit this planet with. *double sigh*

Redshirt said...

Unfortunately, it seems to live in this world requires you to kill something - be it plant or animal. Thus, to live is to kill. So the question becomes: Did you do it honorably?