Tribal Beats

Thesis: Tribal allegiances allow cognitive dissonances to flourish with little impediment, since support of the Tribe - whatever it's for - trumps all other considerations. 

I view "tribalism" in all its many flavors as one of humanity's greatest burdens. It served us well, way back in the day, but now it seems only useful for violence and hate, to pit one group against another. In fact, one could see the whole of human history as the story of a Tribe, and the expansion of the definition of tribe. America, for instance, is a polyglot hodgepodge of different races, religions, regions, etc. But, due to effective mythology, we're bound up in a tribe called "America", and this, ultimately, allows all the other dissonances to be subsumed, though we all know they're still there. 

So, the goal for a hopeful future is quite clear: Expand the definition of Tribe. An alien invasion would be very helpful towards this goal! 

Let's take a tour of one of the sub-tribes of America: The Wingnuts:

Note the many references to putting things in one's ass. No projection here, I'm sure!
 "Palin-Coulter 2012". For real, I assume. Ha! If I thought that were in any way possible, I'd start buying Mayan Futures stat.
 Just for reference, so you know what "Truck Nutz" are, or in this case "Skittle Car Nutz". Also, I appreciate the parking job. No BIG GUMMINT gonna tell me where to park!

Now, I feel as if the Wingnut and his many bumper stickers is closely related to an old favorite: Crazy religious nut.
I'm sure there's a close tribal allegiance between the two, in parts.
 What I find kinda interesting is I think these people exist in every culture at all times. I just wonder how they used to express themselves before cars. Rambling around the town square in a horse and buggy, maybe? One thing's consistent though:
 We're all Brothers and Sisters in Christ's love. Well, except for all the sinners, pagans, heathens, harlots. etc.... They can all burn in EVERLASTING HELLFIRE!

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