Surfin' Bird

Have you heard? I think I have posted this pic before, and I try never to repeat, but! I do so intentionally since I need it to ask the question: Is this picture above of the same birds as this?
Maybe, maybe not. I'm voting a qualified yeah. Also too: Check out the face on big bird here. Scary! Reminds me that birds come from dinosaurs, and dinosaurs were scary lifeforms - scary as in: eat your face off if given half a chance. Which I can respect as a part of the predator - prey cycle. I'd just not rather be on the prey side, if you dig.

Is that common knowledge now, or controversial? That birds evolved from the same line as dinosaurs? And I mean among rational people, not the Heebie Jeebies. The similarities are overwhelming proof in my opinion - such as egg laying, lung structure, skeletal structure, etc. Think of a giant ostrich and you can easily make a leap to small dinosaur.

Remember this the next time you come upon a swarm of pigeons. Beware!


Kris said...

The bird in the top pic is a red-wing blackbird, the other surfin bird is a crow. They're both great shots.

Redshirt said...

Thanks Kris - you know your birds. Is this behavior common?