Haute Dogs

Anything for a pun. Really - I sometimes work for days in order to get to a certain picture. Crazy like that! I believe (it's been a while since I got this one) this is an actual dog restaurant in - where else? - NEW YORK CITY! I like the concept on many levels: 1. Dog is man's best friend. Don't they deserve a night out? 2. Supply and demand - if someone wants to pay for it, why not? 3. Add to the list of "thing's I'll remember fondly/ruefully after the apocalypse". Covered in soot, eating pine cones, I'll think to myself "self, remember when we were so grand as to have dog diners?"

Good times (for now)!


Joey Polanski said...

The thing about a dog restaurant

That I'd find hard to bear

Is that the Men's and Ladies' rooms

Could be just ANYWHERE.

Redshirt said...

It's like your some kind of Jokester-Poet genius man, seriously. I sit in awe.