Barack Obama Appreciation Station

You may have noticed a precipitous drop in political postings here at old Redshirt's Lament, and there's a good reason for that: I can't stand politics any more. I don't watch any news, I've stopped reading most of the political sites, and I've not read a newspaper in over a decade. That said, I still faithfully read The Economist, so I am well aware of what's happening in the world. I just skip the politics sections. Why?

Because I know all I need to know, and there's no point in trying to learn anything more. In summary: The Republican Party is actively evil, and will do everything they can to wreck America and the World. Only one man stands against them: Obama. The Democratic Party has many good people in it, but also many corporate shills and weak-spined cowards, so they can be counted on to reliably fold in the face of whatever particular crazy the Wingnuts are manufacturing that day.

And to be 100% clear: I still LOVE Obama - in fact, more than ever. He's everything I knew he'd be when I spent thousands of dollars towards his election, and actually got involved in politics - I knocked on doors! I made phone calls. And I will do it again in 2012. Till then, I rest easy in my relative ignorance, knowing Obama's there, working on my behalf. 
And with that, here's a bunch of Obama pictures. 

(Yeah, right - Whoomp! There it is)
 Who's more star struck here?

 These pics are near and dear my heart - taken last summer during Obama's weekend "vacation" in Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor Maine. I was born right down the road, so I consider this my homeland, and it was a great source of pride to see and read about his trip. I wish I could have visited at the same time.
 Not only is Barack a great President, but he appears to be a perfect Father as well. 
 Suck on it, racist wingnuts.
 Uh-oh, Vlad! Someone might be in the running for your "World's Sexiest Leader" title. Better hit the gym - I saw a lot of flab in those shirtless, by the river pics.


Anonymous said...
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vera lynn said...

I would love to be able to do this. I have cut down my reading and watching of the corporate media.....but I can't figure out a way to stop watching Rachel Maddow or the Comedy Central lineup. Really, when you get better, factual news from a comedy channel, you know we've gotten far away from who we were....or who we thought we were.

Most excellent post sir.

Redshirt said...

Thanks very lynn.

I put my faith in Obama at this point. He'll do what's right, if it can be done, so why should I worry? Until it comes time to re-elect him, of course. Then I'll get re-engaged.