The Last Parody

My gods, the internet.... it's full of "The Last Supper" parodies. Everyone's got one - any TV show worth its salt, clowns, dogs (as you see a fine example here), cartoon characters, Star Wars.... but shockingly, in the 3 minutes of research I've performed, no Star Trek. Would Kirk be in the Jesus role, with Kaaaaaaaaaahn to his right? Or Picard, with Q all querulous? Hmm. Will have to consult the Trek Hive Mind. If you know of an existing Trek Last Supper parody, hit me.

And also too: I'm no religious type person, but I've read all the so called holy books and studied most of the art, for no other reason than to be well versed in parody material. Any writer/artist who would mock something must know what it is they're mocking. That is, if they want to be good at it.

You can only destroy what you truly understand.

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