Once Seen, Never Unseen

Well, the time has come, and I finally have a chance to use these pictures. As I said earlier, take it from me: Look no further than here. I trust you can get the gist of "" from these homages, yes? Because it surely is true: Once seen, never unseen. Anyways, above! A single mug in pre-production, and below, a batch ready for sale (not my creations, of course):
Pretty awesome in a 21st century post-modern ultra-ironic hipster way. Pretty awesome in lots of ways, but I'm not sure I'd drink out of one.

Speaking of irony:

And finally, a photoshop that has entered the realm of your Aunt's FW:FW:FW:FW email chains, Godse:

Mysterious ways indeed, ma'am.


l.e.s.ter said...

I love it when people go the extra mile. Like the goatse license plate.

Redshirt said...

Aren't the mugs amazing? I saw their creation in real time. The guy had an initial run of 200 or so and I think he sold out in a couple of days. No idea if he continued, and frankly, I have no stomach to search for "goatse mug". Not today, at least.

Joey Polanski said... has infected me

Quite NEVER like before:

Now, I wince whene'er a doorman

Holds open a door!