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Feel free to come up with a "Losing his mind" joke. Take your time, and remember: The journey is the destination.
 Do you remember? 4 TOES!!!! I miss Lost a whole bunch, but specifically, talking to others about it. As for me, I still watch Lost almost daily (it's a part of my workout routine) and I've been writing snarky episode reviews... elsewhere. If there is a clamor for these reviews here, let me know. I'd create a new section.
General rule of thumb: No matter how dumb you think something is, somewhere, someone is probably proud of it. Case in point!
 Paul Bunyan, Bangor ME. I looked upon this statue many times as a child in horror/wonder. And then disillusionment, when I learned Mr. Bunyan was in no way a part of any Maine mythology - so why is there such a prominent statue of him then? Good question! Doing my usual 60 seconds of research, I've found Mr. Bunyan statues all over America, but it does appear Bangor's claim to have the largest is accurate. Chock one up for Bangor! Hooray!
 Contractual obligation. Cool Supes statue though - I'm surprised it's not defaced.


vera lynn said...

yes yes yes to the Lost essays.....and may I add another yes?
and who doesn't love Obama in front of Superman? You're a commie, unAmerican idiot if you don't. :)

Redshirt said...

I'll see what I can do to set up a new section. It might be too much work, though.

Also, if you don't support our President, I would suggest you are a traitor and hate America.