Workers of the World!

Class is in session, teaching today is Lenin Cat.
Please keep in mind Lenin Cat does not approve of the Lenins, Stalins, or Maos of the world, as they are totalitarian dictators who used the ideas of Marx to brutally control vast countries/populations, killing millions. Communism sucks. But Marxism is something else entirely, and that's what Lenin Cat is talking about: Power to the workers through freely chosen collectivism and a redistribution of wealth across the entire population fairly. Free food, free housing, free education, free healthcare for everyone, no exceptions.  For we, the 99%, are all workers, and run this world - literally - and always have.
Power to the people! Who else is going to fix/run something like this?
Another sweet Prokudin.

Who, I ask? It is the teachers, the nurses, the bakers, the mechanics, the drivers, the haulers, the sorters and pickers and sewers and stitchers who run this world, who make it possible. Not the uber-wealthy, who always have and always will be an anchor weighing down entire societies. Witness today's Royalty:
Just a quick weekend trip on my plane and yacht! From Rich Kids of Instagram. Witness the bar tabs:

And this shit just goes on and on. It's disgusting. 120K for a bottle of alcohol? Obscene.  Yet he we are, in this reality. What are you going to do about it? Not care? Keep your head down? Join in and help the rich keep everyone down? Your choice, of course. Mine? Hipster War.
Or not. Regardless, workers of the world must unite, for to not is to be individually enslaved. And perhaps we all are already, via debt.  Even if, we still must fight back in whatever ways we can. For instance, don't shop at Wal Mart. Fun fact! The Walton children's collective wealth represents something like 42% of the entire USA population - the lower part, obviously. How can anyone argue extremes like this are in any way good for a society, a country? Trickle down? Jerbs? Tell me more.

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