Mary Jane springs from the ground

A happy American tourist popping out of a tunnel in Vietnam. Communist Vietnam, mind you. Apparently, so many Americans have been visiting that right and proper tourist traps have sprung up. Consider the tunnels - the entrance/exit holes (seen here) had to be widened to allow for proper American access. Hilarious, right? The victor of the Vietnam War modifying the very tunnels used in that war for American tourists to visit. Like an Irony Wrap inside an Irony Burrito, which in turn has those little Irony bacon thingies. Lot's of irony!

But hey, swords to plowshares and all that. Better to barter and haggle than shoot and strangle. Peace through Material Comfort.


l.e.s.ter said...

Almost literally a tourist trap. I wonder if men who once manned those tunnels now work as the tour guides.

Redshirt said...

I hope so - don't we all? And he could think deep thoughts.