Look! I did a Photoshop! It's terrible! But you get my drift - that's Paula Broadwell seated, and look at that face! Pure love/lust/look at them stars! Patraeus is looking at his wife's ass apparently, or spots thereabout. She's looking at my sidebar and wondering why it's so blank. The bow tie dude in the back's all "wha?"

Love/lust is a hell of a thing, right? Who can deny it when the feelings and circumstances arise? And lo, mighty careers are felled. Didya know Fox News Generalissimo Roger Ailes tried to get Patraeus to run for President in 2012? True story - fair and balanced.

Which makes the Wingnut's fever over Obama even the more amusing, since he's apparently the perfect Husband/Father. Suck it, Wingtards.


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