A Wizard Did It

The Wizards of ancient alchemy might be scoffed at today, but they were scientists of their times. Limited, mostly wrong, yet engaging in trial and error, documentation, additive/subtractive experiments, accumulated knowledge of compounds and elements, etc. To wit - turning lead to gold. Ironically, this is possible! Simply remove two protons from lead and voila! Gold. Not that any wizard of yore did that. But what if? What if a Wizard so grand and wonderful created, everything?
The Multiverse! With each bubble a pod budded off a black hole in some other dimension - a for real theory! Not proven, but it's discussed. It's infinity upon infinity and near impossible to conceive of in the slightest. But do! Consider each of these candy universes filled with
multicolored kayaks spinning madly, and in each kayak
a brightly dressed Indian woman, and hidden among these Indian women
is another wizard, but this one way less cool than the First Wizard. 

Huh? What if, man?

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