Opiate of the masses

"To the master of hemp growing". Hemp of course being a very useful plant. If you were wicked good at growing it in the USSR, you got this sweet pin. Congrats, Comrade!

But alas! There is also marijuana, which is from the same plant as hemp (cannabis), but with elevated THC concentrations. Drugs, m'kay? One that's been used for thousands of years, just not widely in the "West". And so it was treated as a dangerous radical foreign(er) drug that had to be prohibited. In so attempting, the Drug War has consumed the lives of millions and made billions for industry and created deadly and wealthy gangs while also placing a large percentage of African-Americans behind bars. It's been a resounding failure unless you work for Big Prison and enjoy high incarceration rates - USA is number 1, by the way, in imprisonment as a percent of the population. Fuck yeah!

But even more alas! It appears to be breaking. Many states have legalized medical marijuana, and now Washington and Colorado have legalized recreational use - in direct conflict to Federal law. So there's gonna be some legal stuff, but the tide has turned, it matters not. Soon enough a large part of the insanity of the Drug War will be done with, and marijuana will be legal across the USA, and maybe, just maybe, this country will be a cooler place.

Also, note for future oppressors: Always better to have your subjects intoxicated, yet still able to function at labor. A sober population causes trouble.

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