Put it on my MarxCard

Debt, comrades, is the ball around your chain, keeping you enslaved into their system. It has always been so, but refined to an art today. Consider the so called American Dream - go to a private High School (60K), Ivy League college (120K), Grad School (80K), get married, have kids (150K each), buy a house (450K), and of course have a lot of toys and cars and awesome vacations (300K?). Add it all up, and it's a lot of debt. Chains that bind you, forever.
This has been the macro plan of the Republican party as well. To put America so into debt we have no choice but to cut back/eliminate any program that might attempt to promote the general welfare, at the expense of rich people. Can't have that!
And here's how, coupled of course with obscene bursts of spending. But remember! The Republican party is the part of fiscal responsibility! Even better, if a Democrat takes over, do nothing but badger them over the debt. Hilarious!
If you're in debt, you're working for the Bank and the State one way or another. Consider an average American of 50 years ago - how much debt do you think he had? Now, same guy, today? Whole different ballgame. We've been bought lock, stock, and barrel. By our own choice!

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