Fun fact! The White House was internally gutted during the Truman Administration and rebuilt with a steel frame to remove the pressure from the outer walls, which were near failure. And so it goes with America today - a country of facade, and a crumbling infrastructure, both physical and civic. Successful attacks by the Republicans over the last 40 years have weakened the country greatly, and yet, still there is strength. Still there is hope. Evidence:
From 2003, the Obamas and the Ng family, with Grandma Dunham in front. This is our future, our way forward - welcoming all people to America, and aye, welcoming all people into the world. Xenophobia, fear, hatred of the Other might be useful political tools, but ultimately are poison. We need to rebuild first our trust in each other, as citizens of a country, and the world.

Let go your hatred, Wingnuts, and love the future! Of Obama-Soetoro-Ng-Dunhams!


AbstruseOddity said...

Prescient. My first thought while watching the lights go out during the Super Bowl was "maybe this will get their attention." yet I doubt it.

I've believed for a long time that Eisenhower was one of the greatest presidents in American history. He couldn't be elected dog catcher these days, but an Ike is what we need.

Redshirt said...

Not until cities are in riot will the Plutocrats care.

Unless they are further inconvenienced - they were a lot of fat cats at the game, no doubt.