Dots assembled

Here's a map from the 1860's showing the slave population of the south - the darker areas have more slaves. And now:
2008 Presidential election results. Red equals Republican, Blue, Democrat. Just a co-incidence, I'm sure.
Explains a good deal, when you consider the politics of America.This, however?
A map of NFL fans based on Google searches. Witness Steeler Nation! Also, sadly, Cowboys. Smallest real estate - NY Jets.


SatanicPanic said...

Those slave maps are a great visual

Anonymous said...

It should be noted that democrats and republicans basically switched sides later.

Redshirt said...

Yeah, the Southern Strategy. Its kinda shocking how recent it was, since it feels like we've been locked into this political pattern forever.

The Wingnuts still use this fact against reason - "It were them Democrats who supported slavery! Republicans freed the slaves!"