There's also a booming business in "private" security up to and including mercenary armies for rich people. Yay! Wait till drones become even more widespread - rich guys with robotic armies will be grand. Till then:
Friendly neighborhood police officers, protecting local business. As they should - it's part of the job. Is this?
Every society is different to differing degrees, and so too the reactions to authority. As in The Authority. The protest as a form of political expression is mostly gone in America. Another victim of the 60's. But it's alive and well in Europe and South America. I don't condone violence, but in some countries, at some times, the pressures are so great, the corruption and oppression so great, that violence is only inevitable. It doesn't have to be this way - though I sometimes wonder if protesting is a collegiate sport in France.

Anyway, here's a bunch of cool protest pictures with snappy captions.
Bravery unto foolishness.
Changing hearts and minds through nonviolent protest.
Kids are always so sweet at protests - and it's educational!
Throwing rocks is proven to bring people together. Try it out sometime - just start hucking rocks at shit. Friends will follow.
Bring Kanellos. Every protest is better with a dog.
Art is PROTEST. Art IS expression. ART is freedom.
The Man can use art, too. You know those ink bombs they put in money stolen from the bank? Abstract Expressionism.
The Man can look fabulous!
And never forget, protestors of the world, that the police, SWAT, Guard, Army, and all the rest are folks just like you and me. Most everyone likes cats, right? Let's focus on what connects us, rather than divides us.
Grandparents! Everyone loves grandparents.

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