This Machine

With the Industrial Revolution came an entirely new level to the crushing burden workers would bear for the sake of the Owners. Early factories were death pits of torture and suffering, far worse than toiling in the fields previous generations of serfs and slaves endured. And yet, people organized, and with numbers came strength:
Indeed, strength enough to make even Republicans sane. But those days are gone, replaced with greedy morans hell bent on destroying this country and most of its people for a few quick bucks - for them. A lot and lot of bucks for a very small percentage. Let's call them the 1%
You can accept this or deny it, but that matters little. What does matter is whether you are aiding the effort to crush human rights, decent pay, health care, etc, or are fighting it. If fighting, then you must do two things ASAP. Let's cover the first here:
Speak up!
Make your voice heard!
Do whatever it takes to communicate what you think is right and wrong, using whatever medium you can. It matters, in large numbers and by one single person. For example, there are many Americans still vaguely convinced the Republican Party is similar to the party that put out that ad above in 1956. The entire MSM lives this general delusion. We must correct this dangerous misunderstanding.

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