Always Forget

You'll recognize this photo if you focus on the woman on the right, with the baby. This was in the 1930's. Not so long ago, poverty stalked the American countryside, just like it stalks/ed most countrysides. Yet we've found a way to banish it - Socialist Democracies with mild forms of Capitalism. See all the Nordic states for proof.

We knew this in America, yet we somehow forgot, and now live in direct opposition to the idea that working folk should have decent lives. Amazing turn of events, really. Good job, evil guys.
60-70 years from a nation starving to old people protesting teachers making any money above the poverty line. LOL America!


l.e.s.ter said...

To your point, a photographer named Bill Ganzel went and found a bunch of the people from those iconic images. They ended up having good American lives. Florence Thompson is the woman with the babies...

Redshirt said...

That's nice to know that things used to turn out better for most folks.