Librarian Laughs

Poor Uranus. It's a lovely planet - an Ice Giant with more water than all the water on Earth times 1000 or even more. And yet, forever a joke, because of its name. Do you think this joke will ever pass? Doesn't seem likely does it. As such, I propose we change Uranus's name to something cooler. How about Caelus?
Another sign that our times are progressive and getting better. Within my lifetime there were once banned books in America, land of Freedom. Ulysses, all of Henry Miller's work, Catch-22, The Grapes of Wrath, Naked Lunch, and let us not forget The Canterbury Tales. Yes, banned in America in the 1870's due to the awesome Comstock Law. But today, as far as I know, there are no banned books. We're free to read all the crap we want. But don't, because, really, who the hell reads anymore?


Marc said...

I'm always annoyed when people start giggling like teenagers when someone mentions Uranus.
As far as I know there are two ways to pronounce Uranus. It's Ur-Anus or Urrannus.

Redshirt said...

The problem is, Ur-Anus does sound funny. It's a built in joke as long as the word "anus" is in use, as that's the source for 75% of all humor. Asses, assholes, shitheads, it's all linked to this lovely blue planet way out towards Neptune. No one makes fun of Neptune, you ever notice?