What is it good for (except for billions of dollars)?

Amen, man. And truly, for sooth! Because of the "Drug War", America has the highest prison population percentage wise in the world. On par with the heights of Stalinist USSR - no joke. It's insane what has happened to our country because of the "Drug War" and it's fucking HIGH TIME it ended. And ending it is - thank you Washington and Colorado! You've broken the damn that will break this foolish war. Until then, bravo to all the medical marijuana states - 16 or so since last count, gaining numbers every year. It's time to stop fighting a war on something that grows in the ground.
Like carrots, man. Like jasmine and thyme and little anaheim peppers. If only carrots were bullets, and bombs broccoli. This green earth would be that much greener.


l.e.s.ter said...

...and they shall beat their swords into carrots. Predictions for one year from today? An assault weapon ban? A de-escalation of the Drug War?

Redshirt said...

I just reviewed my 2012 predictions. Not bad! Except for the big wrong on biofuels, which you pointed out, and which I admit was entirely $$$elfish.

I shall have to gaze deep into my crystal balls for your answer. Though I think the latter is more likely than the former - guns rule man!