Furious Anger

Arabic calligraphy in the form of Jules and Vincent, Marsellus Wallace henchmen. I'm Team Jules, FYI.

The Arabic script seems intrinsically beautiful, like scrolling art. As does so much of Islamic culture and history. Al'gebra, man. Two of my favorite stars in the sky are in the handle of the Big Dipper, Mizar and Alcor, a binary star system which also pairs with another binary star system making this a quadruple star system. Swinging, right? Also Arabic names. Think on that, Wingnut - high above you, pouring out into the night sky: Islam.

You won't see Alcor in the city though, so don't bother trying. Country star only. In sooth even in the country you might have a hard time. Spotting Alcor used to be a vision test in olden times.

And so, in conclusion, Vincent was just a hitman junkie destined for a bad end while Jules was a holy man trapped in the role of hitman meant for a higher calling. To walk the earth.

To truly walk this earth is art, praise be unto it.

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