Blackwater Comics presents


This is a real thing - a graphic novel published by and about Blackwater heroics in Iraq. Sadly, a non-ironic review of it at Wired. We're through the looking glass people! Corporate armies of mercenaries publishing corporate army propaganda which is then treated like a work of art/journalism.
Here's a page from a CIA comic dropped over Grenada prior to the glorious USA liberation of the oppressed country from the clutches of evil Communists. It's a pretty convincing comic and if I was a Communist soldier I would have laid down my weapon and converted to Capitalism on the spot.
Aw, a big HELL NYET to that y'all! Power to the people! Most super heroes are stooges of the bourgeois who, by controlling the means of production with the aid of super powered mercenaries, keep us all in chains. Rise up and smash the levers of counter-revolution!

Also, it's awesome the Communist uniform is overalls and a beret. Very practical.

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