Springs Falls

More redshirt originals. The spot on the horizon where Spring and Fall are defined - by the setting sun. It's been a remarkable experience - I was vaguely aware the Sun "moved" throughout the year, but I now see it defined every day on a line of mountains stretching from the North through the West to the South. I've been watching the Sun move back and forth across this mountain range like a pendulum, and I'll tell you the experience has been nigh holy. Once you see the pattern in nature, you tap into this "divinity". Worship here, Northerners:
Look see in the center of this picture, at the unmoving star - Polaris, the North Star. The center of our existence, since we spin around this point and spinning is everything, seriously. Everything is spinning around something else which in turn is spinning around something else, so on and such to infinity. It provides a clear definition as to the structure of reality: Spinning. So feel no shame in dizziness.


l.e.s.ter said...

Have you thought about putting in some sort of stone-shadow marker for the solstices? Giant snake shadow is always in style.

Redshirt said...

I have put a good deal of thought into it. Not sure my location would work though - I'm never going to get sunrise due to mountains to the East, and the Summer Solstice sun is just out of my reach. In fact, I just cut down about 25 trees in order to provide a view of the Summer sunset. I've not seen it precisely though, yet. Clouds got in the way this past year. I'm gonna start small with a sundial and then go from there. I've been thinking of the giant serpent all along.