Posses Inside

Sadly, it is no isolated incident. Killing children either by crazed loner with guns or nations with armies, or gangs with lust, or tribes with madness in their minds, kids have been victims for as long as there have been kids, which is forever. We're getting better, overall, we really are! It's just hard to accept that fact in times like this - when kindergarten children are shot repeatedly in the face with an assault rifle for no possible reason at all. Unlike the reason above, right? These are the children of Lidice. Read and weep.
But then rejoice, for we are alive, and our kids are about, and life is good despite all the shit. Never forget your absolute blessing in being here in the first place! Hug those nearby in celebration of all your success, which again, is existing. Life is the gift without equal and we all revel in the giving. Love, and let the hate fall by the wayside.

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