Space Ship Time Schedule

Alas, Jeremy A. Shapiro, I doubt your reservation to any of these destinations will be met within your lifetime. What once seemed an inevitable conquest of the solar system has turned into a silent program of satellite launches. Nixon has a large part to play in this shame, for shame, yet again, Tricky Dick. You ruined so much.
Click for big of course - as with all photos here at Redshirt's Lament. Supposedly these are all the ships of Sci Fi as of 2003, to scale. A nerd's delight.

Sci Fi has kept our dreams alive - I mean this literally, as in our genes want to leave this planet, must leave this planet if they are to live forever. We will be driven to do so if we have the technology to make it possible, eventually. Sci Fi movies and shows keep this reminder in the public mind, regardless of actual progress.

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