Voynich (Bacon?)

Behold! The most mysterious manuscript of all time (to date): The Voynich Manuscript. It's clearly a language, but no one has ever translated it. And it's similar to the biology texts of the 1400's, yet shows plants no one knows of or has ever seen.
"Scholars" seem to bet on Roger Bacon being the author. Probably related to Francis Bacon, somehow. Them Bacon Boys are wicked smart.
Remember! No one has made so much as heads or tails of any of this language.
A fever dream of some middle ages dude super high on Laudanum or some such? Proto-Hacker circa 1402? Alien Spirit inhabiting some medieval bro? Angel on Earth? So many questions.
Check it - the approximately 650 year old book has fold out sections for more insanity! There are missing pages too in this most wondrous of books (Like Art), and I hope they were POP UP pages.

Weird sun dude says *&h^d-+!@a


l.e.s.ter said...

Wow. That's crazy fascinating. Yet another thing I've never heard of my whole life, introduced by R's L. Thanks!

Redshirt said...

Yeah, it's wicked cool. Cooler still: I've been sitting on this story for years.