Inappropriate Seasonal Symbols

Too much candy! It's a powerful lesson to learn as a child, since perhaps up to the moment of barfing, there is a belief that there can never be too much candy. Oh, how we learn.
I got 15 inches of snow up at New Gondolin! It was amazing/depressing. I've never seen such a display of colors - the reds and yellows and brown fall leaves with green pines and white, white, white everywhere. It looked like Fruity Pebbles in milk. I'm not a fan of winter, but I have to accept it. Maine, and all.

Still, death to all snowmen!


l.e.s.ter said...

Where's your so-called "climate change" now, Al Gore?

Redshirt said...

Also, Algore (that's how you're supposed to type his name if you're a FREEDOM lover) is fat. And he flies in chartered jets - do you know how much fossil fuel they use?! Hypocrite!

Also too, he invented the Interweb. HAR-HAR.