Bad Dogs

As often with dogs, the question here is: "Bad (as in the catch all negative applied to many dog actions or behaviors: "Bad Dog!")", or dumb? Or dogs just being dogs and who are we to judge?
See? Could be a punk dog, or just a puppy playing in typical puppy fashion.
Well, the evidence here seems a little more convincing, right? Bad Dog!
Another bad dog, for sure.


l.e.s.ter said...

Did a human have to train that dog to push the chair out of the way? If not, I'm worried about our long-term dominance.

Redshirt said...

I propose the dog was going to hop up into the chair but then had second thoughts when he saw the dude sitting down. Due to the newly waxed floors, the chair slid out of the way... by accident!

The Defense rests.

l.e.s.ter said...

But why would someone have a video camera out to film an uneventful sequence like sitting down at a table unless they had some expectation of canine shenanigans? Especially since this video seems to be from an earlier era, when not every instant of life went recorded. I posit that this is an elaborate set-up (not staged, I won't go that far), and that the dog has been well coached.

Redshirt said...

Perhaps it's footage from the 1970's when filming someone eating breakfast was considered important stuff. The dog came out of nowhere to create this moment of hilarity.