You are your face

Note the crybaby face on Jay Cutler - NFL Quarterback. As a starting NFL QB, he is an elite member of the elite, one of few people on earth who can claim such a thing. He's a King of the Jocks, BMOC that is the campus of our society. And yet, the constant crybaby face, and as such, no matter how elite he is, he's an object of mockery, of scorn, of derision and sacks. No one likes him, and it's entirely because of his face. Look at the Ref's face.

The lesson! To most everyone else in this world, you are your face. And not just looks, but how you wear it - always frowning? Always mad? Always eyes darting around and around? This is how the world sees you, and thus judges you, no matter what you truly are. So consider the well the face you show the world, for it is your basic currency.

Speaking of faced:
And another face that says it all:
Poor Skins fans. As a Pats fan, it's been so long since I knew anything but excellence, I can only abstractly imagine your woe.


l.e.s.ter said...

Stupid pass by Brees. The Redskins' safety is clearly down before he fumbles, too. Ah well, at least we'll always have Jay Cutler to hate on.

Redshirt said...

True on that - even when he's winning.

Woe be upon your Skins now, though. I'd twit Snyder and suggest he needs to sign some more big money, over the hill free agents.