Living in America HAHA

Let's tell a story! This guy:
Loved America, clearly. Alas, he fought and died at the hands of this guy:
Grace Jones had nothing to do with this tale - but maybe some other day... Anyways, with Apollo Creed dead, there was only one way for this to go:
Which of course led to:
Yay, America! I don't think it's a co-incidence that soon after Rocky 4 hit the big screen the USSR - realizing their vaunted boxing machine men were no match for American Grit - collapsed and FREEDOM rained across the World. 

Rocky liked to fight, as that's who he was. What he did. What made him up. That was the whole point! Like:
Don't remember that, do you? And also:
Clubber Lang. Or his other acting name, Mr. T.. Who looks like this now adays:
I seriously doubt that's a solid gold frying pan. But you never know.... Anyways, the end of my story:
WrestleMania I. It was 1984, and everything was possible - like, the greatest wrestling event of all time. And it was! I don't want to use any hyperbole, but it might have been the greatest event in human history. Check out the wiki - it's like some weird soap opera where instead of romance and a'cheatin', it's men fake fighting. 

Yay, America. Ain't FREEDOM grand?

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