We write the Book

History is written by the winners, so they say. And America was winning for a long time - it was a good run. Remember the fun days of the Cold War?
Take that, Communism! But alas! Now we've willingly destroyed the very things that once made us great, and some (Repuglicans) are hell bent on destroying the rest. Propaganda, fear, debt, greed, and pure tribalism is enough to rot an empire within. No foreign enemy necessary.

But it's always good to take out others while we can. Yay, dead dictator! As we're (America, Fuck Yeah!) the ones telling the tale. Others - the various recipients of our tax payer missiles around the world - may disagree.


l.e.s.ter said...

Have you ever seen the statistic on WrestleMania 1991? Over 1/4th of the participants are dead now. It's like a curse or something. (The 1991 Super Bowl has a 0% mortality rate. Of course, in time it will be 100%.)

Redshirt said...

I did not know that. Learn something every day. Math and science prove football is far safer than wrestling!

l.e.s.ter said...

"It’s a tragic list of suicides, heart attacks and drug abuse - but they all have something in common. Wrestling..."