Lots o' Jaws

Afraid of snakes? This one IS COMING AT YOU!!! But truly, you are brother/sister with even the snake, who has rudimentary arms and legs in that elongated vertebrate torso. And a mouth, with fangs. All the better to kiss you with...
A Devonian fish, our ancestor, one of many still this far back - 400 million years ago. Consider though, that complex life on Earth is only 600 million years old, and everything older than that was bacteria and the like. We're new on the scene, especially on dry land - 300 million years ago or so, out of an age of the planet of 4.6 billion years old. Only then did the first creatures - ever - explore the land. Amazing, right?

Leading, eventually, inevitably (in hindsight), to us - masters of Photoshop. Witness the deft and now trifling ability to manipulate any digital image into whatever you wish. Tis the power of a God, this 'shopping power...

That's a Hell Bastard, T-Rex, Great White, Hippo (quite dangerous!), and Crocodile. I quibble with the hippo/croc placement.

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