Smoking Cancer

Apparently crabs are hardcore smokers. Pack a day at least, 2 on the weekends. Look at this guy - 2 at once! And hoo boy if they get to drikin' and a'partyin'.... chainsmoking crustacean fools. Here's some proof - you can find many more partying crabs on the interwebs:
Sun bathing AND smoking, the summer party classic.
Nothing like the smell of nature and the sweet, smooth scent of tobacco.
Smoking while eating breakfast - starts the day off right.


l.e.s.ter said...

I wonder where PETA comes down on crab/cigarette prop exploitation.

We're entering a wildlife/nightlife meme here?

Redshirt said...

PETA ain't for it, I'd reckon.

You betchya. Partying animals are 93% guaranteed to illicit a minimum of mirth in all demographics.