Fear is the mind killer

A John Wayne Gacy original, entitled "Goodbye Pogo". Pogo was the name of the clown Gacy played for many years. After he was arrested, he picked up painting while in jail, selling quite well. I don't search the internets for serial killers, honestly, but any search for "Scary clown" will inevitably lead to JWG, or Pogo. Imagine the terror! He's a fascinating specimen of freaky ass psycho killer.

I search for scary clown stuff for you, fellow Redshirts. I DO IT ALL FOR YOU!!! And my own LuLz, of course. But also because it's cool to face your fears whenever possible/safe. Once you can face something, you can overcome it. You need will (to) power. Imagine, the nightmares and real fear felt by this young lad for his entire life:
He looks terrified - he's gone into the submission pose. Think of all the neurosis and psychosis that can lead from one terrifying and bizarre event. I mean, what the heck is up with clowns anyway? Who thinks that shit is funny? Also, that's not Pogo. Neither are these guys.
Have fun at your birthday party kids! We'll be drinking by the pool.


l.e.s.ter said...

Eieww. Is that some kind of clown barbershop quartet? I can tell you a lot more about two of those dudes' penises than I would ever want to.

Redshirt said...

I hope it's a midget wrestling trio. Who work with a normal size wrestler - they're the tag team.